Sunday, March 06, 2005


Wow...some gun-toting folks in Wisconsin are thinking about making it legal to hunt and shoot feral cats (Felis silvestris), as reported by The Wisconsin Journal. The state's Conservation Congress is expected to take public votes under advisement this spring. This is far from becoming a law, though, since the Conservation Congress only makes recommendations to the state Department of Natural Resources and the Wisconsin Legislature about issues they think are important. Actual legislation has yet to be introduced.

Thanks to Hot Links for the heads up. The Feral Cat Blog also reports excellently on the whole crazy mess. Interested readers may also want to check out this ISW post about bounty-hunting in Australia.

Update: Special bonus points to any news source that runs the story along with a cute kitty pic. So far: 9 News, KARE 11, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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rking8 said...

I am working,although mostly unsuccessfull,on the feral cat issue in Texas. My blog is the Texas Bird Conservancy. I'v ebeen tol dit is too bitchy and so on so I am trying to report facts only and leave out the things that pisses folks off. It is hard since I know the only thing that will work is force or money. We will have to change the way the public owns pets to change this problem. We can start by having everyone write their reps and senators and ask for ferals to be put on the state & federal invasive species list. It will make it easier for locals to follow suit with stricter laws to help restrict free roaming cats.