Thursday, January 26, 2006

Road Warriors

The U.S. government and the Pennsylvania Deptartment of Transportation have put together a unique educational outreach video that targets road maintenance crews. "Dangerous Travelers" tells workers where to seek help to learn about the weeds in their area and gives tips for thinking smart about invasive plants when disturbing the land. It was great to see the example of a crew that goes out and collect seeds and other native plant propagules *before* construction so that they can restore the disturbed land using the same native stock that was originally growing there.

I highly recommend this 26 minute video not only to anyone who works on a road crew, but also to all you land managers out there who are impacted by the work of those crews. There's plenty of good advice in there for everyone. Also, I really, really want my own boom-mounted brush mower :-).

Tip of the virtual hat to the folks on the APHIS listserver for posting about the video.

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