Friday, June 23, 2006

Man, That's Cold

BBC News is reporting on the growing concern among scientists that the Antarctic is currently vulnerable to rising numbers of invasive species. At the recent Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, scientists noted that an increase in human contact along with climate change is making the continent more susceptible than ever before to non-native plants and animals. A code of contact for visitors is currently being drafted in order to prevent future accidental introductions. Dr. Gilbert, a scientist for New Zealand's Antarctica research program, pointed out that better knowledge of the Antarctic marine ecosystem is needed in order to even begin attempting to distinguish between which species are native and which are not.

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1 comment:

Gufo said...

I'd have thought that invasive species would have a hard time in antarctica, because of the incredibly harsh condition... wont the native species be better adapted to cope with those? unless of course the invasive comes from teh arctic zone...

were there ever any attempt at introducing polar bears in antarctica? or penguins in the arctic?