Monday, September 25, 2006

Hey Wee-Woo!

Remember that artist who was trying to teach starlings to speak the name of one of the men who introduced them to the U.S.? Well, I may have a new BFF, and it's Wee-Woo the Original MySpace Talking Starling.

Wee-Woo friended me as soon as I asked, which is better than some humans-who-shall-remain-nameless have done. And since Wee-Woo doesn't judge me, I'm not going to judge his Sturnus vulgaris-ness, except to say that holy cow, this little bird's got a voice that makes my parrot shriek with jealousy! Check out some of those vids and you'll think they're fake, the voice is just all-too-human.

Anyway, Brian Collier's got some serious catching up to do...

P.S. - Hey WeeWoo, what you doing? <3 <3 <3 LOLOLOL

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