Monday, January 14, 2008

Check, Please!

Interesting article in the Statesman Journal about the "educational sweeps" for non-native species currently underway by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. The ODFW's Invasive Species Coordinator makes routine visits to pet shops across Oregon to make sure they're not selling prohibited species. If the coordinator finds something on the list (and he sometimes does), the store is asked to remove that plant or animal from sale. It sounds like the inspections have the added bonus of providing the ODFW with valuable information about which prohibited species are still in demand from the public.

The article includes examples of species that the state is concerned about and contact information for Oregon's Invasive Species Coordinator. Kudos to the Statesman Journal for yet another great piece in their series on invasive species. If you really want to dig deeper on this topic, you can read the Oregon legislation on the import, possession, transport and sale of non-native species, including the full species lists, for wildlife and for plants.

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