Saturday, October 11, 2003

Re: Prints

Some interesting reads in the magazine section of your local bookstore this month...

  • The October issue of Yankee Magazine features Asiatic bittersweet (Celastus orbiculatus) on the cover. Inside you'll find the article "New Ideas for Bittersweet," which gives several tips for decorating the outside of your house with fruit-laden branches of this invasive plant. The article does have a little box in the corner of one page, mentioning that bittersweet can be invasive, and recommends pruning it vigorously to control it. Here's my decorating tip: don't use it! The last thing you want is Asiatic bittersweet vines popping up all over your yard next year.
  • Cats & Rats: In the September-October issue of E Magazine, there's an interesting, well-balanced piece about feral cats titled "Kitty the Killer?." Also in that issue is "Getting Rid of Rats," about the effort to rid California's Anacapa Island of the non-native rats that threaten the island's endangered species.

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