Friday, December 31, 2004

Droppin' of the Carp

Why go to New York to see a big ol' boring apple descend from the heights this New Year's Eve? If I had a choice tonight I'd be in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, ringing in 2005 with the annual dropping of the carp. Yes, that's right folks, tonight Lucky the Carp, a 29 pound frozen fish, will mark the new year with a hundred foot drop. Other town festivities include the breaking of the Carp Pinata, a concert by Larry and the Carpettes, and the crowning of the Carp King and Queen. Read about it all in the Wisconsin State Journal, see photos of past years here, and find out more about the history of this bizarre event here.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, if only I'd known about this earlier. Guess I'm a bit late now. I've always been intersted in carp and since I was a small child I've always wante......