Sunday, August 07, 2005


Interesting story in The Ledger Online about the channeled apple snails Pomacea canaliculata that have invaded Lake Mirror in Florida. So many egg cases are now attached to the lake's historic Promenade walkway, city workers are going to begin scraping them off to get rid of them. They'll also be counting them as a way of assessing the extent of the invasion. The snails, which can grow to the size of a person's fist, have been in the lake for at least four years. No one knows why the egg masses have been noticeably more numerous this season.

Maybe somebody who knows the area can tell what kind of weddings they're having down there to give the author of the article such crazy imagery :-).

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Farmer Flick said...

Pomacea caniculata is edible.

The Ledger article says they're traditionally eaten raw, but the only references I found were for using them cooked.

In Hawaii, this guy raises them for food:

Apple snail is a delicacy

$20 per pound.