Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mass. Hysteria

A story about Massachusetts made yesterday's Washington Post...have we got yet another candidate running for POTUS? Well, not yet :-). This story is about a species of Asian ambrosia beetle (Xyleborus seriatus) found in traps set in Stow and Southborough, MA - the first occurrence of the beetle in North America. The beetles, tiny little fungus-eaters, are rather inconspicuous, so it will likely be difficult to pinpoint when or how they got here. Under the photo caption in the article is this interesting, may-come-back-to-haunt-us quote: "the exotic Asian insect does not appear to pose an ecological threat, experts said Monday." The ISW has previously posted about other genera of Asian ambrosia beetles that have caused problems in the southeastern U.S.

Tip of the virtual hat to Howie M. for pointing out the story. And bonus points to the Washington Post for using the beetle's scientific name.

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