Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gypsy Moths Were Here?

The Gypsy Kings

Gypsy Moths Were Here?
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Uh oh...the Boston Globe says it's going to be a banner season for gypsy moths (Lymantria dispar) in Southeastern Massachusetts, perhaps the biggest in more than 20 years. Scientists report large numbers of eggs laid by the moths, and note that unless we have a really wet spring, massive tree defoliation should be expected.

The photo above is from one of the birch trees in my yard - the egg masses, which are about 15 feet off the ground, look like they belong to the gypsy moths. I've also been finding shedded caterpillar remnants and the ends of pupae in clumps all over my yard. Could Metrowest Massachusetts be under a gypsy moth seige too?

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