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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend Blog Blogging  

Turns out I was not the only person blogging about that ridiculous Op-Ed piece by the president of W. Atlee Burpee & Company (where Burpee seeds come from):

  • The Mother Jones blog notes Ball builds a big straw man he can't wait to knock down.
  • The Windstar Wildlife Institute Blog posts the entirety of Ball's diatribe, then sits back and waits for comments. It gets some meaty ones too.
  • Richard over at The Tikun Olam blog pokes more holes in Ball's arguments, and adds a bit of Seattle, WA flavor as well.



Thanks so much for linking to my post. Man, that NYT op-ed piece really made me angry. It was so clearly self-interested. The Times should've made him pay to display it as an advertisement for Burpee.

By Blogger Richard, at 4/15/2006 05:14:00 AM  

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