Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend Blog Blogging

This past week in invasive species blogging:

  • The force that through has a very cool post about non-native lizards in Kansas. Who knew? (Thanks Paul!)
  • RXWildlife posts about A Pretty Problem - invasive Valerian.
  • Nutritious Blue Spray does some plant identification in New Jersey, and gets them all right (*love* that blog name!).


Free Speech will cost you said...

invasive species gives the idea that things were planned by design which human mismanagement can screw up.

It implies that things are not evolving be devolving. That we are moving from ballance to imballance.

It implies that nature is a system that needs managed not a naturally every improving system.

R2K said...

Shocking how there are actually many blogs on this topic.

It is certainly an important one, but one that is most often ignored.