Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Photoblogging

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A nice red lily leaf beetle - this time in Quincy, MA. This is the first time I have seen one in southeastern Massachusetts. The pond it was at is adjacent to a residential area and I'm sure there are lots of Asian lilies planted there.


Anonymous said...

we in India get several of those beetle like insects during sept-october near a lake near a small village called Bastar.
Optimum breeding season for these insects falls around august where they get water plants in profusion.

Trudy Bentley Rech said... loaded with invasive species. Hope this beetle doesn't become yet another pest here. People plant all manner of exotic plants because they are available in "big box" and other nurseries.
Most of our native bromeliads are threatened species because of another type of invasive/exotic beetle. Glad I found your blog, I am an artist and a certified Florida Master Naturalist as well as a member of the Florida Native Plant Society.

williamw said...

the more the merrier? Invasive species are opportunists just like humans, no? It's excellerated evolution ... not unlike the first birds moving larger seeds through their airborn faeces? I applaud those eels that defy pesticide. I embrace those little red bugs that strike some with terror, i wonder which fool goes half way round the world on a joyride only to bring back some kind of paracite... human culture has created this situation, let human culture reap the benefits ... and accept the consequences... hopefully without killing us all in the process.
ps. Are the eels tastey?

ZapperGirl! said...

Awesome site!