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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sweet Charity: Update  

Last week I posted a request for places to make charitable donations where the money can be targeted at invasive-species projects. Your response was underwhelming! :-) My search efforts have come up short as well. GreenmanTim suggested contacting the Land Trust Alliance to get a list of local members that are doing invasive species work. Not a bad idea for those of you that are interested.

A recent post on the ALIENS-L listserver by Sandy L., pointing to a new children's book about weeds, gave me an idea: why not purchase invasive species-related books and donate them to libraries? A short list of possible choices:

Have other suggestions?

Greenman Tim has made another good suggestion: Support your local invasive species council, working group, or organization. Here are a few that I know of that encourage donations:

  • Cal-IPC - California Invasive Plant Council
  • IPC NY - The Invasive Plant Council of New York State
  • MA-EPPC - Mid-Atlantic Exotic Pest Plant Council
  • IPAW - Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin
  • Salem Sound Coastwatch - Donate $20 to get a set of laminated marine invasive ID cards

    As usual, it looks like the invasive plant people are ahead of the pack. Feel free to send in additions to the list!


    A gift to UCONN to support Les and John and those stalwarts at the Invasive Plant Atlas of New England would doubtless be welcome.

    A gift to the Massachusetts Invasive Plant Advisory Group (MIPAG)to support its preventive work, or any other invasive plant pest council, might be appealing.

    By Blogger GreenmanTim, at 11/30/2006 08:13:00 PM  

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