Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weekend Blog Blogging

The past week in invasive species posts:

  • PAgent is feeling a little forgiving of the invasive blackberry plants (I'm assuming Himalayan) now that they are giving up bucketfuls of ripe fruit.
  • Invasive Plants in Arlington posts about hacking away at wineberry, wintercreeper, vinca and Japanese stiltgrass. Go, Invasives Man!
  • b from Iowa takes a strong stance with invasive carp...a really strong stance :-).
  • In case you cannot make the next meeting of the National Invasive Species Council Advisory Committee, the Invasive Notes blog invites you to post any comments you wish to be passed along.

If you post about any invasive species-related issues and would like to be featured in the Weekend Blog Blogging post, drop me an email (use the Suggest a Post link in the top left corner). It's getting harder and harder to wade through the splogs that have invaded the blog search engines :-).

1 comment:

Ioannis Petrus said...

Thanks for the plug. I note that so far there are exactly no comments. Given the sometime emotional level the discourse rises to, I had rather hoped that some of the bloggers would have direct personal thoughts on what they think their government should be doing. Still plenty of time to overwhelm me with comments and ideas.