Monday, August 20, 2007

The CBC Radio One show "Sounds Like Canada" is having a cool Photoshop contest to see who can mock up the best example of Canada's worst weeds taking over in some "iconic Canadian scene." Their example is a version of Parliament Hill covered by Canada thistle, an invasive plant that, despite its common name, is native to Eurasia.

There doesn't seem to be any prize but the brief shot at fame, but that's okay. Think you can beat their examples? If you want to have a go at the contest, you can download their starter photo here (or use your own, but remember this is supposed to be about *Canada*). Email the results to soundslikecanada AT You can also use that email address to nominate what you think is Canada's Worst Weed.

Thanks to a member of the Yahoo! group ma-eppc for posting about the contest.

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