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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Blog Blogging  

The past week in invasive species posts, from elsewhere in the blogosphere:

  • Words & Pictures has an interesting post about American skunks discovered in the wild in the UK. I would think they'd be pretty low on the pet totem pole, but apparently not.
  • Other bloggers had some fun with this ISW post about praying as a control method for invasive species. At bogalusa, you can read a great little poem. Drew at Drew's Brave New World suggests a new powerful acronym: WWKD (What Would Kudzu Do?). Someone put that on a bumper sticker, stat! :-)
  • Fisher at the Luxury Gardens blog is a garden designer, but the questions he gets most frequently are about how to get rid of invasive plants.
  • That Fish Blog has a post about lionfish, which they sell at That Fish Place but don't want you to ever release into the wild.

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I recall my mother saying that when she was a child (before World War II), surgically descented skunks were popular as pets here in California. It's been illegal for along time, apparently because there isn't a rabies vaccine for skunks and many wild skunks carry rabies.

By Blogger Michael, at 11/12/2007 01:11:00 PM  

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