Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Garden Dining

The Bennington Banner has this story about the "Meet Them, Eat Them" seminar held by the Bennington County Conservation District in Vermont. Participants learned about the state's invasive plants, how to remove them, and then how to make them into tasty treats. The Nature Conservancy's Rose Paul even referred to invasive plants as "McFlora." Poor McDonalds, they must hate that "Mc"-ing of everything! Actually, I think it would be more accurate to refer to pansies, marigolds and geraniums as "McFlora." Got any suggestions for a better nickname for invasive plants? Post comments below.

The article mentions Japanese knotweed a few times (as "knotwood"), then ends with a note about using weeds as compost for growing mushrooms. I highly recommend that you avoid using knotweed in compost, unless you are absolutely sure that the vegetation has been 100% pulverized, burned or boiled to death. Even the tiniest fragments of Japanese knotweed rhizomes or stem nodes can grow into new plants!

Thanks to Al over at Urban Wild for sending in a link to the article.

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