Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Walk -n- Weed

The Friends of Mangemangeroa have come up with a unique way to control weeds at the Mangemangeroa Reserve in New Zealand. As reported by Howick and Pakuranga Times, the public has been asked to help rid the park of invasive plants by pulling them out as they pass through on their daily strolls. Bags can be picked up and deposited at the entrance and exit of the park, where they will be collected by contractors and disposed of. I like this idea, but how do people know which are the right plants to uproot?

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Z*lda said...

Want to let you know that I looked through your marvelous photos today and finally identified the shrub in our backyard that's been puzzling me - it's a shrub honeysuckle! Thanks for the ID.

You might be interested in a section of the Beyond Pesticides site that talks about the Ecological Management of Invasive Weeds.