Friday, July 29, 2005

Not so Bashful

An article at Thahn Nien News highlights a tropical American plant invading southern Vietnam. The "bashful plant" (Mimosa pigra), also as "sensitive plant" due to its ability to bend its leaves and leaflets in response to physical disturbance, was introduced to Tram Chim National Park over two decades ago. The shrubs now cover a third of the park's 7500 acres. Park officials have found little in the way of effective treatment to manage the invaders, but are hoping to eventually have access to biological controls that have been successful in places like Australia.

Bonus points to Thahn Nien News for using the plant's scientific name.

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Anonymous said...

that page says native to central and south america ... i've seen it on the west coast of mexico ... not sure now if it was mazatlan or puerto villarta.