Monday, April 02, 2007

Gudgeoned To Death

Practical Fishkeeping is reporting that Environment Agency officials have removed more than 100,000 topmouth gudgeon fish (Pseudorasbora parva, or clicker barb) from Juniper Pond in Surrey, England. The Asian fish had taken over the pond, prompting concern that a flood could lead to them spreading into the nearby River Wey.

What the report doesn't get to until the middle of the page is that the "culling" was done with rotenone, a non-specific piscicide - that means any fish in the vicinity of the stuff would also have been killed (but then again, they found rogue goldfish in there too...).

Bonus points to PF for mentioning the scientific name of the fish! And tip of the virtual hat to budak for sending in the link to the story.

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