Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy 5th Bloggiversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111eleven

It was 5 years ago today that I first started the Invasive Species Weblog. It took less than a week after that for the puns and general snarkiness to start leaking in. Thank you, readers, for all the visits, comments and post suggestions. Five feels old in internet years!

How will I be celebrating this 5-year-bloggiversary? By getting a root canal. :-( While I am hopped up on Valium and being tortured by my endodontist, I thought I would hold a contest:

Write me an Invasive Species Haiku and post it below. Best one wins the author a prize.

I'll start:

For you, dear readers
Invasive Species Weblog
Full of aliens


Nuthatch said...

I'm not up for haiku right now, but do want to wish you a happy blogiversary -- you were one of the blogs that prompted me to start myself, a fact that might inspire more snarkiness when readers find you are partly responsible for my drivel!

Xris said...

Five internet years
for Jennifer Forman Orth.
Human years? Don't say.

Xris said...

Monk Parakeets are
Brooklyn's most charismatic
invasive species.

Xris said...

Outside my window,
starlings, sparrows and pigeons.
More fun with haiku.

Patrick Belardo said...

Invasive critters
Plants, birds, fish, mollusks galore
Five years of helping

M. Reed said...

Cuscuta. Dodder
Pale, alien spaghetti.
I will eat your trees.

{Cuscuta japonica has destroyed trees in Houston)

M. Reed

Mr. Sun said...

Advanced in science
Stuck in Middle School humor
Nice combination

Assessing myself
I find my love for this blog
Is most troubling

This faithful reader
Must conclude the invasion
Has taken your mind

Sent from the future
To warn us about dangers
Jenn is a robot

GreenmanTim said...

Loosestife never loses
Barberrians at the gate
Welcome to Weed World

Michael said...

Remorseless vetch climbs
Pale spring colors reach for sun
Green and purple sea

dominic scappaticci said...

Scented flowers lure
Strangles garden beloved
Eradicate thee

-Dominic S.

dominic scappaticci said...

Oooppss... forgot to add the title

Japanese Honeysuckle

Scented flowers lure
Strangles garden beloved
Eradicate thee

-Dominic S

Ioannis Petrus said...

Hard to get across
Wicked inconvenience;
Invasive species

John said...

Congratulations on the blogiversary!
(Not so much on the root canal.)

Grokodile said...

Insipid encroachment
relentless creative destruction
homo sapiens

Lucy Kemnitzer said...

winter blooms bright yellow
broom, acacia, and sorrel
drive out monkey flower

John Wilkins said...

Lantana flowers
In the middle of the bush
Australia weeps

Anthony Ricciardi said...

Veligers in water
floating toward
a ship in ballast