Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tangled Bank is Here!

A new edition of the Tangled Bank is up over at Aetiology. Lots of scientificky bloggy goodness! (Yes, I made up that word)

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EdoRiver said...

Thanks for the reference, a bit overwhelming however. Is it always like that over "there"?
Well, I came here seeking help.
Ok, I'm trolling, looking for help.
I'm writing a story. And at this point in the story (about me actually) this guy is caught in a traffic jam.

I want to compare the random collection of characters in a traffic jam (USA, near Atlanta , Ga, actually) to the random collection of living things, or other, caught in a drop of pond water.

So, can you guide me to a source that would explain and identify the random collection of living and non-living elements in a drop of pond water?
Thanks, for any help I'll be back.
Regards from Japan.

PSGoing back over to Aetiology to read one of those links, will return here later..over the next few days to see if you have any suggestions on places to go where I Haven7t already been.