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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend Blog Blogging  

The past week in invasive species, via the rest of the blogosphere:

  • The Urban Pantheist weighs in on the feral cat cookery in Australia, makes a thinly veiled reference to a feline fur trade, and proclaims loudly "I Love Dogs" :-).
  • The West Seattle Blog notes that it can be hard to stay pesticide-free when you're battling Japanese knotweed.
  • Harsens Island News posts about a series of Phragmites workshops on the island, part of Michigan.

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I saw that post by urbanpan.. and as someone who has SUCCESSFULLY done TNR, I think he's a moron.

funny how cats should be killed because OMG THEY'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING BIRDS *like overdevelopment has NOTHING to do with that, but squarehead pits shouldn't be banned if there's an area where dogs are bred and trained for fighting.

he's a bit of a specist... and I have no respect for him or his hypocritical partner in crime.

He's on par with Bull O'Reiley at this point (is that how you spell his name? Frankly.. I don't care if it's misspelled and don't care to google it)

By Blogger fuzzyturtle, at 9/11/2007 09:19:00 AM  

fuzzy, I hope you are not suggesting we start making coats out of developers...that's a bit creepy :-).

It seems to me that the Urban Pantheist post was worded provocatively (including the "I Love Dogs" icon) to incite discussion, and looking at all those comments, it certainly was effective.

By Blogger Jennifer Forman Orth, at 9/11/2007 01:18:00 PM  

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