Friday, February 24, 2006

Being A Bad Sport

As reported by The Royal Gazette, farmers and conservationists alike are unhappy about a call to import foreign soil into the island of Bermuda. The soil would be used to improve Bermuda's cricket fields, which are apparently in bad shape - according to some people this is keeping Bermuda's cricket team from becoming a "world class" competitor. Those who are against the plan are worried that it will lead to the introduction of non-native organisms that could negatively impact the environment. The article notes that for some reason, sterilizing the soil would render it unsuitable for use in a cricket field (IANACE so I have no idea why this is the case).


biosparite said...

I never could get into golf. Whatever liking I had for golf courses vanished when I realized they are water hogs and also in need of heavy applications of pesticides and herbicides.

Jenn said...

To be fair, the people that own and manage golf courses are aware of their bad environmental reputation, and some have made an attempt to be more environmentally friendly about designing and maintaining them. See here and here for example.