Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Blog Blogging

This past week in the alien species sector of the blogosphere...

  • William Ripley Mohler III has caught himself a snake, a boa constrictor actually. One of several that has taken up residence in the Florida Everglades. A great story and even better photos.
  • The Urban Pantheist is doing "365 Urban Species," so there are bound to be some non-natives in there. Norway spruce is lucky number 52, while the House Sparrow is #55. I've already missed so many! Was #3 The Larch? The Larch. Update 5/1/06: Check out the comments section for more non-natives that made the list!
  • At the Another Another One blog, there's an interesting post about Giant Hogweed. Must remember to get a copy of that Genesis song...


Mike said...

The Larch!

Jeffrey said...

#3 was the Canada Goose, which is probably a borderline invasive.
No Larch yet, despite some votes for it (I haven't found it in the city--that is, my city, Boston--yet).

Feel free to peruse my archives!
Highlights for this blog would be #2: Oriental Bittersweet, #6: the grain moth, #25: phragmites, #40: the starling, and many many many more. (a substantial percentage of the 365, no doubt).

Jenn said...

Excellent, Jeffrey! Thanks for the extra links.

Do you count JP as part of Boston? The Arnold Arboretum definitely has #3...The Larch...:-)