Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend Blog Blogging

This past week the ISW witnessed the evolution of a story, from a tiny press release to something almost viral. Not sure how it happened, but the media (both mainstream and blogospheric) really grabbed on to a story (based on a paper from 2005) warning about the impending population explosion of Chinese mitten crabs (Eriocheir chinensis), which have been in the UK since the 1970s. The result? A whole week of invasive crab blogging!

(P.S. - If you're wondering about the difference between "mainstream media" and "the blogosphere," guess which one can't resist making the v.d. jokes? :-)

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biosparite said...

Speaking of v.d. jokes (you did open the door on this topic, so don't blame me): How do you get herpes of the eye? By looking for love in all the wrong places.