Thursday, July 05, 2007

In The Bag

After years of dealing with all sorts of specimen packages sent in by their Weed Watchers volunteers, New Hampshire finally got smart and put out their own special aquatic plant sampling bags. I managed to get a sample from Amy Smagula, coordinator for the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services' Exotic Species Program:

What a great idea! The front of each sturdy, ziploc-style bag has the address and instructions on how to prep the plant and when to mail it in. All the information the state needs is in a form on the back of the bag, just waiting for an eager volunteer and a Sharpie. Amy noted that the bags only ended up costing about 8 cents each - a bargain!


Patrick Belardo said...

Do you know if NJ has something like this?

Jennifer Forman Orth said...

New Hampshire is the first state I have ever seen put out a product like this, but that does not mean other states don't have them. You'd probably have to contact the NJ DEP for that answer!