Monday, July 23, 2007

ISW Podcast, Episode 2

Episode 2 of the Invasive Species Weblog Podcast is now ready for listening. I think I have improved the audio quality somewhat (but if anyone has some advice on how to lessen the punch of those P's and B's, I'd appreciate it), plus there is now a cool musical start and finish that fades in and out. If you'd like to listen to an audio version of last week's ISW posts, check it out here.

You can also grab the feed here, or subscribe through iTunes.


Michael said...

I'm not really a podcast kind of guy, but I downloaded it just for fun and it sounds great to me. I'll be sticking to the RSS feed myself but kudos for the effort invested in reaching out to others who are more likely to appreciate an audio version of the blog.

Jeremy said...

I have no idea what your microphone set-up is, but you need to get it out of the way of your mouth, either to one side or better yet below, to avoid popping ps and bs.

Jennifer Forman Orth said...

Jeremy, just knowing that the lingo is "popping" was enough for me to Google and find all kinds of help, including homemade filters. Thank you! I will be sure to rig something up for next week. Will try lowering the mike position on my headset too.

Michael, I believe that is the nicest "Thanks, but no thanks" I have ever read ;-).