Thursday, May 27, 2004

Whack and Pack

As reported by WBAL Channel 11, yet another northern snakehead (Channa argus) has been found in the Potomac River in Virginia, this time in Pohick Bay. Officials are now giving really specific instructions to anyone who catches one of these ugly fishes: whack it on the head to kill it, pack it on ice, and give them a call. While the fish was caught in Virginia, the Maryland Natural Resources Police "took it into custody." I've updated the snakehead map with this new information:

California: Silverwood Lake 1997, Assi Supermarket, L.A. 5-2004Florida: Upper St. Johns River 2000Wisconsin: Rock River 9-2003Massachusetts: Newton Pond in Shrewsbury 2001Maryland: Crofton Pond 6-2002, Pine Lake 4-2004Virginia: Little Hunting Creek 5-2004, Potomac River 5-2004, Pohick Bay 5-2004North Carolina: Lake Wylie, Upper Catawba River 2002
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