Thursday, September 23, 2004

Say That Three Times Fast

Habitattitude...Habitatitude...Habitattitatitude...A newly trademarked name brought to you by that large but relatively unknown creature known as the "government-industry coalition," which in this case includes PIJAC, USFWS and NOAA. How do I acquire a "Habitattitude (TM)," you ask? One way would be to blend the words habitat and attitude, both of which I think are trademark-free. Another way, according to the site, would be to "Adopt a conservation mentality." and to "Protect our environment by not releasing unwanted fish and aquatic plants."

Here's some more about the program:

"HabitattitudeTM is about consumer awareness and responsible behaviors. By drawing attention to the potential environmental ramifications of the aquarium and water garden hobbies while promoting responsible consumer behaviors, HabitattitudeTM avoids the definition debate surrounding "invasive species." Ultimately, the campaign seeks to eliminate the transfer and survival of any species outside of your enclosed, artificial system, which has the potential to cause the loss or decline of native plants and animals."

Not sure I know many water gardens that I'd consider enclosed systems, but maybe this program could work...if they could somehow get everyone to be informed and compliant.

Those that are interested can read the press release here.

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