Sunday, September 18, 2005

IPANE in the Afternoon - Day 1, Part 2

Randy Westbrooks from the USGS was supposed to give a talk this afternoon, but was held up by Hurricane Ophelia. But they already had his talk on a disk, so Les Mehrhoff gave his talk for him. The talk was about efforts to develop a national early detection and rapid response (ED/RR) network for the U.S. Some benefits of ED/RR over traditional management of invasive species are that ED/RR typically has minimal and brief impacts on a habitat, and theoretically should be cheaper than dealing with any species that has ealready become established. There are a lot of components that must come into play between the ED and the RR to have an effective system: detection, identification, vouchering, record verification, rapid assessment, etc. I say we buy every citizen scientist a camera and a GPS unit :-).

Interested? Then check out this draft plan (Word doc) on the subject.

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