Saturday, November 05, 2005

Devil nut

Weekend Photoblogging

Devil nut
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Invader or not? The water caltrop (Trapa bicornis) seems to have the potential to grow in the U.S., but somehow it has been surpassed greatly by its congener, T. natans, the water chestnut. A bit of Googling reveals little information about this species' invasive potential. But if I can purchase these nutlets from the local Asian markets and just plop them in water to get new plants, how far away are we from having these show up in a local pond or creek?


Anonymous said...

That looks disgusting!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has one of these. it was given to her by an Asian friend. The friend said these are one of the gifts put on the table for the Gods. It is much stranger
looking than the picture here. They had 2 of the nuts and ate one.
My daughter said they taste like
uncooked chestnuts.