Thursday, March 09, 2006

You Naughty Little Mink!

File this under "Oops!" - The plan to eradicate the American mink (Mustela vison) from Britain's Western Isles has hit a bit of a snag, according to this story from The Times Online. No, it's not those pesky animal rights groups again, it's the dreaded Government Bureaucracy. Seems someone didn't fill out the right forms when requesting additional funds from the European Union, and now the program deadline has passed. The article makes it sound like there will be no reconsideration of the application, and it's unclear what Britain can do to come up with the £1.65m ($2.87 million USD) needed to proceed with Phase 2 of the culling, which would have eradicated the minks from the Isles of Lewis and Harris.

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