Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend Photoblogging

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There is a spot on Nantucket Island where a huge stand of true bamboo grows - about 20 feet tall and so dense that it is dark within. On one side of the stand another photographer and I found a patch of Japanese knotweed, mostly on the edge but with some stems visible inside the dark bamboo understory. Can you tell the difference between true bamboo and Japanese knotweed, which is sometimes called "Mexican bamboo" (though it is neither)?

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Anonymous said...

Telling the difference between Japanese knotweed and bamboo- try to break the stem. Japanese knotweed snaps easily and collapses on pressure. Bamboo is used for hardwood floors.

Get rid of the knotweed if you can. It is super invasive- a "there goes the neighborhood" plant.