Friday, October 20, 2006

Celebrity Skin

Saw this in Cosmo (don't ask) and confirmed it online - there's a company called The Healing Garden, which makes skin products, that has a new line of organic products that includes Brazilian pepperbush (Schinus terebinthifolius) as an ingredient (see photo below, arrow mine): Jewel hawks invasive species lotion for the Healing Garden

This is not meant to imply that the company is contributing to the spread of Brazilian pepperbush, I just thought it was interesting to see an invasive species being used for its herbal properties and perhaps more interestingly, being portrayed aesthetically in the ad campaign. I have no idea where they're getting the pepperbush from or what its purpose is in the lotion (though it seems to have had a glowing, airbrushed effect on Jewel). The Healing Garden donates 50 cents of each purchase to The Nature Conservancy. I wonder if any of that money goes to Schinus removal projects :-).


GreenmanTim said...

I've encountered Brazilian Pepperbush in great profusion on the Altamaha River in Georgia while participating in one of the Nature Conservancy's Eastern Invasive Species network workshops. One of the vectors of its spread has been "snowbirds", homesick for something that looks like holly to grow in their Florida backyards.

Anonymous said...

I saw Brazilian pepperbush all over the place around South Florida during field trips with the Florida Paleontological Society and on the way to FPS meetings from local airports. It was overwhelming all other vegetation along long stretches of Florida highways. Does anyone know what herbivores attack it in habitat and whether any of them are being studied for release in the USA, hopefully without bad effects on the native flora?

Wolfman said...

mmmm.... Jewel. I'd love to be the invasive species that puts a blush on her cheeks. ;-)

Jennifer Forman Orth said...

Oh my...I suppose I'm okay with that if it keeps her from singing and publishing more poetry books :-P


@biosparite: good article about biocontrol

@greenmantim: Now that is a vector I had not heard of.