Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend Blog Blogging

The past week in invasive species, via the rest of the blogosphere:

  • The Urban Pantheist weighs in on the feral cat cookery in Australia, makes a thinly veiled reference to a feline fur trade, and proclaims loudly "I Love Dogs" :-).
  • The West Seattle Blog notes that it can be hard to stay pesticide-free when you're battling Japanese knotweed.
  • Harsens Island News posts about a series of Phragmites workshops on the island, part of Michigan.


fuzzyturtle said...

I saw that post by urbanpan.. and as someone who has SUCCESSFULLY done TNR, I think he's a moron.

funny how cats should be killed because OMG THEY'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING BIRDS *like overdevelopment has NOTHING to do with that, but squarehead pits shouldn't be banned if there's an area where dogs are bred and trained for fighting.

he's a bit of a specist... and I have no respect for him or his hypocritical partner in crime.

He's on par with Bull O'Reiley at this point (is that how you spell his name? Frankly.. I don't care if it's misspelled and don't care to google it)

Jennifer Forman Orth said...

fuzzy, I hope you are not suggesting we start making coats out of developers...that's a bit creepy :-).

It seems to me that the Urban Pantheist post was worded provocatively (including the "I Love Dogs" icon) to incite discussion, and looking at all those comments, it certainly was effective.