Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ain't Misbehavin'

By way of the non-profit organization Natural Biodiversity comes Kids' Patch, a website focusing on educational resources for the K-6 crew, their teachers and their parents. For fourth to sixth graders, there's a module about invasive plants. Here is a sample:

Have you ever been somewhere you shouldn’t have been?

You were misbehaving, weren’t you! Did you know that plants can misbehave too? When plants are found somewhere they shouldn’t be – and causing trouble – they are called “invasive.”

Hee hee. Sounds like fun. Follow the Eco Challenge for multiple choices quizzes covering a variety of environmental issues including a focus on invasive plants. While Kids' Patch is based in Pennsylvania, the resources on the website would be useful to almost anyone. Teachers may also want to check out their link list of educational resources.


Anonymous said...

Neat link, I like the explanation of invasive plants, makes it a bit more understandable for the little ones.

budak said...

Phragmites on acid: