Friday, December 28, 2007

Cat O' Nine Tales

The ISW has certainly covered the feral cat debate before (should we neuter them, should we hunt them, should we euthanize them...) but this report over at delves in deep enough to be worth a read. Focusing on the controversy in Galveston, Texas over efforts to trap, neuter and release the feral cat populations there, the article manages to cover several important issues, from the difference between ferals and strays, the impact of cats on wild birds, and the high cost of cat sanctuaries.

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Kirk Mantay said...

From a fellow biologist - Thanks for that link. Here in the northeast, the huge intersection between those who are obsessive backyard birdwatchers, and those who are obsessive "feral cat rights" activists is bizarre and ongoing. I've even heard cat-friendly folks cite evolution..."only the weak and sick songbirds are caught by house cats." Classic! Thanks again.