Saturday, March 15, 2008

On The Border is reporting that cane toads (Bufo marinus) are now *this close* to the border of Western Australia. The toads have been working their way north and west along the outer edges of Australia since the 1930s. Now only 50km (31 miles) and the Ord River separate them from the state of Western Australia. Predictions are that they'll make "landfall" by the end of 2008...though not if the Kimberly Toad Busters have anything to say about it.

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David J said...

Last night I discovered a small cane toad in my front yard.
Toad busters in the Northern Territory have done a great job of keeping them out of town but we need to trap and report sightings if we want to prevent them from taking over our town.
Although this will have no great impact on the movement of toads across the country. Darwin is a bit of an oasis for wildlife and we could protect many of our reptiles by keeping toads out of town. Last week 5 frilled lizards were discovered dead at a local school. They were all believed to have eaten small toads. Monitor numbers are falling around the city but I'm sure we can still prevent their disappearance.