Tuesday, June 03, 2008

If Not For The Courage Of The Fearless Crew...

According to this story over at The Hays Daily News, wildlife officials in the states of Kansas and Missouri are taking a closer look at their bait policies after a brook stickleback (Culaea inconstans) was found mixed in with a batch of fathead minnows that got shipped to retail bait shops in both states. Officials asked shop owners to cull their minnow stocks, removing any of the offendind fish. It is illegal to use the brook stickleback, a fish native to the northern half of North America, as bait in either Kansas and Missouri, for fears of wild populations establishing or escaped fish spreading disease. However, no shop owners were fined or cited for the incident and it sounds like they were cooperating with their states to remedy the immediate problem.

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Anonymous said...

Eeree Meree Earthling Jennifer,
You give a lot of very useful and detailed information about your plant and its animals. Minnows are Earthlings too and humans must help protect them, not just themselves. Thank you for sharing