Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cagus Myna

The Northern Star has an interesting story about local residents in Lismore, Australia taking the fight against the myna bird into their own hands. Indian myna birds (Acridotheres tristis, also "mynah" bird) are aggressive towards Australia's native bird populations, frequently scaring them out of nesting sites. While they like to hang out near garbage dumps and other waste areas, in recent years they have been spreading into agricultural areas, where they damage crops and can spread disease. In response, the town of Lismore now offers its residents free traps to help get rid of them - so far more than 200 birds have been captured.

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Patrick B. said...

Having recently visited Australia, I can tell you that they are all over the place there. Can we get a similar free trap program for House Sparrows and Starlings here in the US?