Monday, April 18, 2005

This Land is My Invader-Free Land

The property rights people are going to hate this: Maui News is reporting that a bill has been introduced in Maui County, Hawaii that would make it the responsibility of landowners to keep their land free of certain key invasive species. If landowners can't deal with the invader, there is a provision set up for them to pay the Maui Invasive Species Committee to do the job. One of the species mentioned in the article is the coqui frog(Eleutherdactylus coqui)...I can see this type of legislation working for plants but I am not sure how it can work for animals. What do you do if your neighbor grabs the coqui in his tree and dumps it in your yard?

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Hungry Hyaena said...

One hopes this legislation is intended to encourage vigilance rather than penalize innocents.