Sunday, April 02, 2006

Coming Soon: The ISW's 4th Blogiversary Bash!

April 13th is the 4-year Blogiversary of the Invasive Species Weblog. To celebrate, I'm having a contest:

The person who sends in the best invasive species-related post by midnight EDT on Thursday, April 13th will win his/her choice of one *FREE* item from the ISW Store. Entries may be sent directly to the ISW or posted on a different weblog (just email the link). Off-site entries are only eligible if they are posted between April 2nd and the deadline of the contest given above. While I may post or link to more than one entry, only the person who is judged by me to have submitted the best post will receive the prize.

Send entries to jennforman AT knottybits DOT com.

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