Monday, April 24, 2006

Data Entry

The USGS has been crunching some invasive species numbers, and now they're letting everyone see the results...well, some of the results, anyway. From this page on the Nonindigenous Aquatic Species website, you can see the graphical breakdown of aquatic invader data from the NAS database, for all species, or by taxonomic group or U.S. state. The graphs currently include information about number of species over time, species origin, pathways of invasion, habitat type, and place of origin. The data is almost real-time (updated nightly), which is cool, but one thing that's missing is a quick link to the species list for the graphs and you can get a list of species for any of the data points by clicking directly on the graph. Note that as of right now, the graphical data is limited to aquatic animals only (vertebrates and invertebrates). If you want plant data, you are limited to a standard search of the main database.


Jennifer Forman Orth said...

I apologize, I had moused over the legends and wrongly assumed that they were the parts of the figures that would have been hyperlinked.

John L. Trapp said...

Lot's of neat graphs here. Too bad that they don't include introduced aquatic birds.