Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Seedy Soldiers

The Canoe Network is reporting that the Canadian military has been shirking their responsibility when it comes to preventing invasive species from entering their country. The Canadian Press apparently got their hands on a draft government report that details the lax procedures in place for reintroducing military equipment into Canada after it has been abroad. The report points out a wide variety of issues, from the contaminated ballast of military ships, to the untreated wooden pallets used to store ammo, to a general lack of awareness about invasive species among the Canadian Forces. The article notes that Afghanistan, just one country where the Canadian military has a presence, is a potential source of both autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata already an established invasive plant in North America) and Himalayan knotweed (Polygonum polystachyum, already known in Washington state).

Ok, I've been sitting here pondering the title for this story for well over an hour, and since some crazy person just spent big bucks in the ISW store, I think it's time to give away some more free stuff...

Post a comment with your single best idea of a punny title for the story below, and you could win your choice of 1) an item from the ISW store 2) a "Pests in Your Lake" decal with optional Vermont state park passes or 3) a "Charles Darwin has a Posse" decal. The previous contest and winner can be seen here.

Update:Congrats to Greenman Tim for coming up with the winning title!


GreenmanTim said...

Wow. This is hard. Best I can do is "Seedy Soldiers? Oh, Canada!"

Donwatcher said...

"Himalayan Invader has Canadian Army Tied in Knots"

Anonymous said...

Oh Canada! Who stands on Guard for Weeds?

Dianne said...

"InvEHsive Species"

Jennifer Forman Orth said...

DK, I can't tell if you're making fun of Canadians or calling this blog boring, but either way, you are unfortunately past the Oct. 1st deadline.

The winner of the contest has been notified, I am just waiting to hear back and then I will post the new title.

Dianne said...


I am neither making fun of Canadians nor calling this blog boring -- I love Canada and very much enjoy reading your blog! I just thought it was a fun play on words.

Keep up the good work -- as a victim of Japanese Knotweed, I learn a lot from your blog and from your Flickr site.


Jennifer Forman Orth said...

I was trying to be funny, but that comment up there makes it seem like I was annoyed...which I wasn't. Your title made me laugh.

I think my comment is just missing a smiley - everything is nicer with a smiley.

:-) see?

Dianne said...

See, there I go again, taking everything too literally. I think I was trying to err on the side of caution, and not offend you!

Glad to know you liked the title. And you're right -- everything is better with a smiley.