Thursday, May 24, 2007

Like A Boat Out Of Water

An environmental group is calling for drastic measures to prevent the further introduction of invasive species into the Great Lakes. According to this article at, the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition is suggesting that no international ships be allowed to enter the Great Lakes until the U.S. sets federal regulations for how ballast water is dealt with. They've even gone so far as to commission a study showing what the cost would be of diverting the ships and using alternate transportation for goods (more than $50 million, but far less than the estimated $5 billion/year for invasive species management in the Great Lakes region). It has been five years since the U.S. government first considered the idea of ballast water regulations, and some states have become so frustrated with the lack of activity that they're passing their own laws to deal with the issue.

Thanks to John R. from Don Watcher for sending in a link to the story. Interested readers may also want to check out this related press release from the Great Lakes Coalition.

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