Monday, May 14, 2007

Shock Value

Interesting story at about Georgia's plans to manage populations of flathead catfish (Pylodictus olivaris) in the Satilla River. Teams from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources will be spending this summer and fall shocking catfish-infested waters and scooping out the stunned flatheads where they find them. This might be disappointing news to some sport fisherman in the area, since lately they've been catching flatheads in the 50- 70 pound range.

Flatheads are native to the Central U.S. but are considered invasive in the Southeast, where wild populations were most likely started from intentional introductions. The catfish are "poisson non grata" there because they eat just about everything they see.

The article notes that if you're in the Satilla River area and you've got a boat or flatbed truck, the flathead catfish removal project could use your help! Contact Gordon at the Satilla RiverKeepers for more info.

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Monado said...

Very interesting. Ever feel we're fighting a losing battle? I've seen the program about electronic barriers to keep Asian carp out of Lake Michigan, twice now on Discovery channel. It seems that they're only a power failure away from letting them into the Great Lakes.

BTW, thanks for posting the picture of garlic mustard. I've been wondering what that useless weed is.