Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend Photoblogging

Something ate the kudzu!

(Thanks to Martin for sharing this photo under a Creative Commons license.)


Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for the credit!

For more photos of kudzu, you can click on the photo, then on the "kudzu" tag in the list of tags on the right. This will first lead to our photos, then you can choose to see some of the photos of this plant from other photo users.

Charlotte Fairchild said...

Of course something eats kudzu! It is related to soybeans and snowpeas!

China at much of their kudzu in 1958-1961 during a famine where 30 million people died. There are 180,000 sites for recipes for human consumption on a Google search.

I love speaking about kudzu if you know a place that is interested please contact me. I take donations only, or I speak for free.


Charlotte Fairchild said...

China ate kudzu during a famine. Source: Kerry Britton, PhD, and Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

The velvetbean caterpillar (Glycine max), skeletonizes host plant leaves when in early instars. It's a pest of soybeans, and also is reported to eat kudzu.