Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend Photoblogging

Heavily earthworm-infested soil
Originally uploaded by esagor
There's no "Before" shot here so you are just going to have to imagine that this patch of earth in Minnesota was once covered by a thick layer of leaf litter. You're not supposed to be able to see the exposed soil, it means that non-native earthworms have passed through and done a right job on the place.

Thanks to esagor for sharing this photo under a Creative Commons license. Do click over to his photo page to read more about the negative impacts of non-native earthworms.


Bill Jacobs said...

Thanks Jennifer for posting this. Its a huge problem, relatively unknown, with no easy solutions. Awareness is a good first step.

fuzzyturtle said...

..yet worms can also do so much good - you know, there's no more invasive a species than you and I,content=1449